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Sacred Space Awakening - Yoni Workshop

Hello Dear Ones, come and join me and explore your Sacred Space, your Yoni. What is a Yoni? Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina, meaning “sacred space”. Beautiful, right!? The evening will include Meditation, Womb Massage, Tea and Dessert and much more. 

Your Yoni is the connecting point to your divine feminine nature. It is the birth place of your sexual energy, the life force behind everything. 

If you feel empty and numb in your Yoni, you're most likely out of touch with yourself, your femininity and your emotions. If you are disconnected from your divine feminine nature you will keep searching for this profound desire outside yourself.

The intention of this workshop is to create a safe place where women can release trauma, numbness, pain, stored emotions, and create a new healthy love affair towards your femininity and Yoni. You will become more receptive, radiant and magnetic. Your life will transform in a very beautiful way because finally you will have access to what you always have been desiring. The beauty is that what you desire exists in deep in your own being. It is you who is so powerful, connected and alive.

What to Bring - Your beautiful self 💓
What to Wear - Something comfortable, a skirt or sarong 
Investment in Yourself - $90

There are only 6 spots available. They will go fast so please reserve your spot soon. You can do this below. PM me with any questions you may have. 

Reserve your spot for Sacred Space Awakening

Sending you so much love 💜