Coming Home to Yourself

Coming Home to Yourself

I have the habit of living life on autopilot. In fact, most people in 2019 spend the majority of their day caught up in unconscious decision making and general 'busyness.' Spending all of your time on autopilot can detrimental to your connection to your authentic self. Take this next moment and ask yourself, ‘Who am I?’

Scary, right!?

Here are some of the practices to come home to yourself.

Stop and reflect.

Take some time to think about your day. Think about the questions you were asked and the answers you gave. Contemplate whether your decisions aligned with your gut. Think about the emotions you experienced and name them. Try to name and identify the emotions those you spend life with experienced that day.

Bring meaning to your routine.

Routine is great, it prevents the brain from decision making burnout. However, often routines lose their meaning over time. Next time you are brushing your teeth, instead of thinking about what’s next, focus on the process. The bristles running over you teeth, plaque and food particles being brushed away, and the feeling of clean you are left with.

Reevaluate priorities and trim the fat.

Pick up your phone and look at your calendar. Do you have any free days? If not, you are doing too much. Leave room to relax and find spontaneity in your schedule.

BREATHE…… and find stillness.

I hope this helps you as it does me. How do you take life off autopilot and come home to yourself?

Put Down the Script and Step into YOUR Power

Put Down the Script and Step into YOUR Power