Sacred Space - Yoni

Sacred Space - Yoni

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina, meaning “sacred space”. Beautiful, right!? 

Your Yoni is the connecting point to your divine feminine nature. It is the birth place of your sexual energy, the life force behind everything.

Because sexuality is still a taboo in our culture many women live separate from their sexual energy. This means they are basically cut off from life!


If you feel empty and numb in your Yoni, you're most likely out of touch with yourself, your femininity and your emotions. If you are disconnected from your divine feminine nature you will keep searching for this profound desire outside yourself.

You might go on diets or overeat, go shopping, partying, abuse alcohol or drugs, become co-dependent in relationships or overwork yourself. It will show up in your most intimate partnerships as lack of trust and fear of intimacy.

You may feel stuck, stressed or burned out as you are so use to always giving and trying to figure out everything from your mind. Or you might have this feeling that you have to do it all by yourself.


By revitalizing the connection you have with your Yoni you can release trauma, numbness, pain, stored emotions, and create a new healthy love affair towards your femininity and Divine nature.


You will become more receptive, radiant and magnetic. Your life will transform in a very beautiful way because finally you will have access to what you always have been desiring. The beauty is that what you desire exists in deep in your own being. It is you who is powerful, connected and alive.

There are many ways in which you can wake up to your Yoni and feminine power. Here are a few that I use in my personal and professional practice.

1) Womb and Breast Massage
2) Yoni Exercises, Yoni Eggs and Energy Awareness
3) Deep Introspection and Meditation
4) Acceptance and Integration Training (AAIT)
5) Dancing

It is such a beautiful and rewarding experience to awaken to your body’s potential and connect with your sexual life force energy. That is why I have made it part of my mission to help women release shame and guilt and embrace the power of their Yoni.

Sacred Space Awakening - Yoni Workshop will be taking place on March 10th, 2019. There are only a few spots left and they will go fast. If you are considering or would like to be apart of the class you can learn more here.

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