Coming Home to Yourself

I have the habit of living life on autopilot. In fact, most people in 2019 spend the majority of their day caught up in unconscious decision making and general 'busyness.' Spending all of your time on autopilot can detrimental to your connection to your authentic self. Take this next moment and ask yourself, ‘Who am I?’

Put Down the Script and Step into YOUR Power

Taking responsibility for and tending to our inner state is the source of freedom. - Melanie McGhee

Recently, I contemplated this principle of Acceptance and Integration Training TM (AAIT) and wanted to share.

What an empowering and defeating statement. Knowing that you are responsible for your inner state and the ability to tend to it and tap into freedom is, to say the least, overwhelming.

Is Your Desire to Control Controlling You?

At the root, most of our unwanted states of being stem from fear. Fear of loss, pain, not being enough, death, etc. In response to fear comes the desire to control.

Many don’t believe they have a desire to control, mainly because having ‘control issues…..

A Game of Pretend, Anger and Separateness

Winter is a time for shadow work and for me anger has been making it's way to the surface. My anger usually stems from situations when I play pretend with another. This could be pretending like my feelings aren't hurt, pretending to be interested, pretending to enjoy, the list goes on....

An Alternative to Hormonal Birth Control

When I was sixteen I told my mother I was thinking about having sex. That moment could have gone a number of ways but the response I got was not one I was expecting. A single tear ran down her cheek and as she wiped it away she picked up our house phone and called my doctor. The next day I was put on hormonal birth control. I didn’t complain in fact, I felt empowered.