Hi! I’m Monica. I live in West Knoxville with my beloved Corey and our three dogs Agabar, Sebastian and Blue. When I am not helping others reach their true potential, you can find me (followed by a trail of dogs) playing in the garden or frolicking in the hills.

As a certified coach, I help others who feel stuck or searching to empower themselves and live the life they desire. I use a holistic approach, incorporating the mind, body and spirit.

A little about me and my journey…

Growing up in St. Louis, Missouri, I belonged to a big tight knit family held together by my very Samoan grandmother. We all lived in one house together, family was everything. I was a wild child (and still am), full of energy, headstrong and naturally the leader of the 3 younger children in the house. My grandmother was a bit of a mystic, although she didn’t know it, and within me, she planted the seed of curiosity.

I have always had this hunger for a deeper understanding of life, a spiritual wanderlust of sorts. After graduating from the University of Missouri Columbia in 2013, I traveled for months, trying to absorb as much of the world as I could. While abroad, I studied various paths to holistic wellness including, Ayurveda, yoga, and meditation.

Eventually, I settled down and began working for a very demanding corporation. I was respected and paid highly but the work didn’t feed my soul. In my time away from work, I compensated by living (mostly) off the grid. I raised and processed my own livestock, planted a beautiful garden and really got to know myself. One day, my life away from work wasn’t enough. I become restless felt a deep longing for REAL purpose. After doing some soul searching, I left my job and took a long sabbatical, traveling and spending time connecting with nature in preparation for beginning my next phase in life.

I landed in East Tennessee, ready to make some positive waves in the world. I started with health coaching, helping others reach their physical goals through dietary and behavioral changes. My clients had a ton of success during our time together but after our collaboration ended, old habits sometimes reemerged. This is when I realized the importance of a holistic approach to wellness. I wanted my clients to feel empowered 100% of the time. I knew if I wanted to create lasting change I needed to incorporate all parts of the self(mind, body and spirit) in my practice.

In 2015, I met Melanie McGhee, founder of Acceptance and Integration Training™. AAIT removes obstacles and uncovers our true limitless nature. I quickly became aware AAIT wasn’t like anything I had experienced before and I dove in head first. For me, AAIT became the glue that held together my physical, mental and spiritual health. After using AAIT in my personal practice for 3 years, I was dying to share this technique with my client and I was invited to joined Melanie’s Fellowship Training Group. When I started using AAIT with my clients I was astonished to witness the how quickly their problems were vanishing. What used to take months now required only a few sessions.

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